Our Team
  • Omar Viktorovych
    Director of the camp
    Has a higher pedagogical education.
    He has been working in camps since 2016.
    At first, an ordinary counselor, a sports instructor.
    Then he became a senior educator, and now he is a director in the best camp.
    I chose this profession because I love children very much.
    And when he sees that the children in the camp like it and are happy, he realizes that he made the right choice.
    Loves his work, is constantly interested and develops in this direction.
  • Oleksandra Oleksandrivna
    She studies in the specialty "Social and educational work with children and youth", so she considers that working with children is her vocation.
    He has been working in camps for two years.
    Oleksandra's hobbies are her work, music and dancing.
    Got a superpower in the camp - to do everything impossible, even what I was afraid to do before, (keep it up)
    Herself says:
    "The main principle of working with children is to give our children love and attention, to create an atmosphere of trust and freedom, and to help each child to develop their potential"
  • Nikita Andreyovych
    Host of events
    A graduate of the State Academy of the National Tax Service of Ukraine in the field of "Jurisprudence", but has been working in the field of children's rehabilitation since 2013. Worked in 13 camps across Ukraine in many positions: counselor, head of the theater studio, host, senior educator, animator, sports instructor, specialist in organizing children's leisure time, etc. Has the title "Best Counselor of Donetsk Region - 2015". In the past, he was engaged in humor. Actor of the regional leagues of the humorous project "League of Laughter", screenwriter of several television teams. He is a graduate of the "COMILFO" training course for specialists in the field of television and television production from the "INTER" TV channel of the "INTERSCHOOL" project.
    ⁃ Currently engaged in organizing and holding mass events. A festive atmosphere, a good mood, everyone's smiles - the task of a creative host. With a microphone in his hand, he feels like Schumacher at the wheel of a sports car.
    ⁃ Hobby: has his own YouTube channel "GRISHINTV", where you can learn more about his interesting life. Simply put, keeps a video diary filled with vlogs, comedy videos, and sets the World Video Selfie Record.