For parents!
Before leaving for the camp
Before leaving for the camp, talk with the child about the behavior in the camp, about the rules of the internal procedure that are in force in the camp and about the need to observe them, about the rules of personal hygiene.
The child should know that in case of physical or psychological illness, communication problems with other children, he must contact his counselor.
Communication with the child during the stay in the camp
The most convenient time for contact with your child is during free time from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. In the remaining hours, there are classes and various activities during which the use of mobile phones is not recommended.
Information about accommodation and distribution by squads
The division by squads and numbers is formed exclusively on the basis of age and gender, regardless of the city from which the child came.
The exact number and squad your child will be assigned to will be known only after the distribution process is over.
IMPORTANT: Adaptation of children to the new conditions of a temporary children's collective is a very complex and painstaking psychological and pedagogical process, connected with the need for each child to use all abilities and skills of independence, concentration of all his personal qualities and character traits. Therefore, try not to disturb him with phone calls during adaptation (the first 3-4 days).
It is strictly prohibited on the territory of the camp
Consumption of any alcoholic beverages. Disrespectful behavior towards other campers. Any kind of discrimination and disrespect due to differences in age, gender, nationality, religion, etc. Use of profanity. Use of any form of physical violence and insults. Unauthorized exit outside the territory of the camp unaccompanied by adults. Damage to camp property and destruction of green spaces, as well as property of other children and adults. Staying outside the building after the strike.
Rules of behavior in the camp
During the child's stay in the camp, the counselor becomes his senior mentor and friend. The counselor monitors living conditions, monitors health, is responsible for children's safety and organizes sports and cultural events together with children. The counselor can be addressed with any question that the child may have. Strict compliance with the orders of the camp counselor and director is mandatory. The counselors will try to make the child's rest at the camp interesting and unforgettable. However, the child must understand that he is going to a children's team and is obliged to follow the rules established in this team.
In the camp, a daily routine is established - the time of rising, breaking off and eating.
Information about medical care
On the day of arrival at the camp, the child must provide a completed camp medical certificate (form "079"), which is filled out by your local doctor a week before arrival.
The camp conducts an additional medical examination of the child on the first day of arrival. If, during the examination by a medical worker, the child is found to have diseases that are transmitted by airborne or household means and that may pose a threat to other vacationers, the child will not be allowed to check-in and will be sent home for treatment with the possibility of resuming rest on this shift.
In the camp, medical control is constantly carried out, as well as control over compliance with safety rules. Control is carried out both by medical staff and camp educators and counselors. In case of illness, the child will be provided with timely and effective medical care.
The medical center of the "Sokolyata" camp is equipped and stocked with all the necessary medicines.
Children who have come to rest at the camp are under the constant medical supervision of an experienced medical worker. All conditions have been created in the camp, both for the provision of emergency medical care and for the treatment of patients during the children's shift. All routine moments are carried out under the supervision of a medical worker.
A child who complains of being unwell should immediately report them to their counselor, after which they will be seen by a doctor, examined, and treated. The camp's medical center is open 24 hours a day.