Feedback from parents!
  • Valeria
    From my side, as a mother, I SINCERELY THANK you, our dear counselors!
    The vacation turned out in the best way, the children are happy, cheerful, distracted from their problems consent and had fun on full program!!! We will, of course, find out all the details from each of our children when we return, but the atmosphere of friendliness and team spirit of detachment N°2 could also be felt from the photo/video!!! You're beautiful!
    You are ACTIVE AND MODERN! Thank you!
    Thank you! Thanks to everyone involved in the holiday, to every person from the janitor to the administration, the vacation is over and we are already waiting for new meetings!!!! *
    Good mood and good health to everyone! Sooner VICTORY!
  • Zina
    Thank you for these best three weeks you spent with our children. You are really the best. You gave our children a good vacation and will leave them with good memories forever. Thank you to everyone who took part in it, in fact, it is difficult work. We are waiting for victory, and see you again. Thank you very much To you!!!
  • Olga
    Thank you for the rest and unforgettable emotions for our children. You have the best camp and the best team!
  • Yana
    I want to express my gratitude to the entire Camp Team, and especially to our counselors! You great guys! Thank you, thank you for taking care of ours children, thank you for accepting them as family and becoming faithful to them friends! Thank you for the gift bright emotions, laughter, taught something new, united and distracted from sad thoughts. I wish you good health, good mood and the fulfillment of your dreams!
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