Outside the city, few people know the unusual history of the complex on the territory of which children rest in the Sokolyata camp

The building of the educational institution, which in terms of size in Ukraine is now second only to the main building of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

In the second half of the 19th century, the Jesuit fathers chose a place for the construction of an educational institution (boarding house), and the city of Khyriv itself fell to their liking.

Construction began in 1883 and continued with additions for two and a half decades.

The most impressive is the main three-story building of the educational institution with a chapel - the total length of its facade is 220 meters, which is 110 meters more than the length of the facades of Buckingham Palace in London! The total cost of construction, including the buildings adjacent to the main building, reached almost 800 thousand gold rynas.

The boarding house could provide itself with everything necessary. A water pipe was connected to the building, there was central heating, and the house was electrified. It even had its own fire department.

The educational base at the institution was impressive - its own large library, a chemical laboratory, a physics room, an astronomical observatory, a natural museum, rooms for woodworking, metalwork, glass, a drawing room, sports grounds, tennis courts, ponds where students competed in rowing. , there was an orchestra and even its own theater. Therefore, a large number of names of outstanding scientists are associated with the institution - in the fields of radio engineering, surgery, bacteriology. The subjects were taught by Jesuit fathers and invited secular teachers.

The Khiriv Institute of Jesuit Fathers ceased its existence in the fall of 1939 during the Second World War.

From 1939 to 2003, the military was stationed in the building of the institution.

The chapel was handed over to believers in 1996.

And already in 2013, work will be resumed in the field of recreation and entertainment complex.